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In connection with the change of the order of inventory control for temporary storage of CJSC "Inmar" we inform you that from 26 March 2012 by placing goods in temporary storage under the Civil Code person who places the goods in stock (including the driver), will be issued "Simple warehouse receipt. "

Issuance of goods (vehicle with the goods) with TSW will be subject to the provision of the original "A simple warehouse certificate." The person who placed the goods in bonded warehouse, shall pass "simple warehouse certificate" to the recipient of goods, where the person who placed the goods, and the recipient is not the same person.

Please note that the "simple warehouse certificate" issued to bearer and accordingly goods from the warehouse issued person with hands on the original "simple warehouse certificate."

Getting the goods from the warehouse will be on presentation and providing the following documents:

- The original simple warehouse receipt for the goods;
- The identification document;
- The original power of attorney to receive a certain party goods;
- Financial documents confirming payment of all warehouse services rendered at the time of delivery of the goods;
- The customs declaration with the mark of the customs authority, confirming the release of the goods under the customs procedure;
- The acceptance report compiled by placing items in stock.

When failure to provide any of the documents listed items will not be issued.

In connection with the above, please kindly to customers who previously signed contracts for warehousing services Ltd "Inmar", arrive for the signing of an additional agreement.

You need to download the new warehouse contract (for those who do not already have it active), as well as an annex to the contract (for an agreement) - in the "Services" - "Documents".

For existing contracts to sign an additional agreement - a must!

Sincerely, Administration TSW JSC "INMAR."

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