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Provision of services for the implementation of the customs operations at the customs clearance of goods produced under a contract for services of customs broker (agent).

Type of service Cost of service

Performance of DT with TPA according to the invoice value of the consignment, except for goods arriving by sea

to 240 000 RUB

2500 RUB

from 240 001 to 360 000 RUB

3500 RUB

from 360 001 to 380 000 RUB

4500 RUB

from 380 001 to 450 000 RUB

5000 RUB

from 450 001 to 600 000 RUB

5500 RUB

from 600 001 to 700 000 RUB

6500 RUB

from 700 001 to 800 000 RUB

7500 RUB

from 800 001 to 900 000 RUB

8500 RUB

from 900 001 to 1 300 000 RUB

9000 RUB

from 1 300 001 to 3 000 000 RUB

10000 RUB

from 3 000 001 to 6 000 000 RUB

11500 RUB

over 6 000 000 RUB

12500 RUB

Performance of DT with TPA for goods abiding by sea

10000 RUB

Performance of the base sheet DT

1500 RUB

Execution of additional sheet DT

360 RUB

Performance of the base sheet TPA

300 RUB

Execution of additional sheet TPA

300 RUB

Performance of the base sheet of the CCC

450 RUB

Execution of additional sheet CCC

180 RUB

Performance of the base sheet TD (Transit Declaration)

500 RUB

Execution of additional sheet TD (Transit Declaration)

250 RUB

Preparation and checking of documents for the formation of the declaration

1500 RUB

DT performance for goods manufactured (reprocessing) in the SEZ

2000 RUB

Making customs transit procedures (sending to Russia) by TTN iliTIR

1500 RUB

Range of services (training + + TD + SEZ sending to Russia to claim 9, claim 10, claim 11, claim 12. Claim 13, claim 24, claim 30)

5000 RUB

Change of customs procedures

3000 RUB

Making DT electronically in providing clients a turnkey package of documents under the seal of the customs representative

1500 RUB

Negotiates with functional departments (cost risks, confirmation code of goods, etc.)

1500 RUB

Statement of the participant of foreign trade on the account at the office

600 RUB

Presentation of the goods state regulatory agencies (phytosanitary and veterinary control for one vehicle):

— at the Moscow t\n;

— on the other t\n Kaliningrad;

— other m/n in the region.

1500 RUB

2000 RUB

3000 RUB

Presentation of goods to customs inspection, including per container, w / dvagon, the vehicle

1500 RUB

Check out other customs offices in the city of Kaliningrad

1000 RUB

Check out other customs checkpoints outside the city of Kaliningrad

1500 RUB

Formation of an electronic copy of the documents (the first time a client)

1500 RUB

Create an electronic copy of the transit declaration or TIR

500 RUB

Write-offs on other customs posts

300 RUB

Send / receive information by fax

50 RUB per 1 sheet

The formalization of shipping documents (invoice, packing list, export declaration, etc.

50 RUB per 1 sheet

Photographing products and production photos

90 RUB per 1 sheet

Execution of photocopies of documents

5 RUB for one page

Filling CMR

250 RUB

Advising traders:

— for placing goods under the customs procedure

— on the identification of the HS code

5000 RUB

2500 RUB

Changes to DT after the release of the goods

3000 RUB

Customs clearance procedures for temporary import / export containers and reusable packaging

500 RUB

Fees on preliminary information implemented in JSC "INMAR"

Payment services preliminary report is made on the basis of the contract, in accordance with the following rates:

Type of service

Cost of service
(VAT not applicable)

The processing of information and the formation of an electronic document, depending on the number of HS codes (the first four digits):

— 1 code.

500 RUB

— from 2 to 4 code.

900 RUB

— from 5 to 7 code.

1300 RUB

— from 8 to 10 code.

1500 RUB

— from 11 to 13 code.

1800 RUB

— from 13 to 15 codes.

2200 RUB

— 17-minute to 19-minute codes.

2500 RUB

— from 20 to 22 code.

2700 RUB

— for every additional 3 code.

+300 RUB

Transfer of prior information and the notification

400 RUB

Services temporary storage warehouse

Payment services for the storage of goods and vehicles in temporary storage "INMAR" is made on the basis of a contract for the provision of storage services.

The name of the service provided Cost of services in rubles The cost of services for persons who have signed with ZAO "INMAR" Service Contract Customs Representative

The presence of foreign goods in the NTA for which complete procedure of customs transit

for entry to the r / c with a foreign product and finding it in the NTA to complete the procedure of customs transit

payment not charged

Registration and storage of tons / day in the NTA on the first day

Payment will be charged after completion of customs transit procedures for full and partial day

— for the registration and storage of the goods of one party to one consignee,



— for the registration and storage of cargoes in one of t / s - zakazhduyu shipment



— for every second and subsequent shipment, delivered by one of t / s



— for the registration and storage of t / s (l / a, m / a, truck) with a weight of 2.5 tons of goods to the



— for the registration of t / s with the goods unloaded at temporary storage, with each recipient



— for the registration and storage of t / s with the goods in the container-refrigerator with a connection to the mains



Finding other products in the NTA

For t / s with the goods produced in the SEZ in the Kaliningrad region, and placed under a customs procedure or re-import it 40 or in respect of which changes or complete customs procedures, as well as the customs union with the goods exported from the territory of the Customs Union.



Recording and storage of goods in bonded warehouse

Storage of goods in tons / day in the second and subsequent days - for each day of storage c recipient



Storage t / s with the goods in the container-refrigerator with a connection to the power supply for the second and subsequent days



Storage of cargo unloaded from m / s per tonne (payment in less than a day storage fee per full)

— during the first days after discharge

— during the second and subsequent days after discharge



not charged


Storage of bulky goods, bulk cargo with a low specific gravity (insulation, polystyrene, furniture, lumber, clothes, etc.) for the quarter. meter per day from the date of discharge



Storage of goods in-room safe for every day since the discharge

0,4% of the invoice value

Storage of goods in refrigerated containers per tonne per day from the date of discharge



Storage t / s with the goods declared under the customs matter, at the end of the contractual terms of cancellation and exit from the warehouse (p.5.3.5) - for each subsequent hour



Filling in the report document (UP-TO-1 and 2) and the formation of credentials

not charged

not charged

Filling additional sheet to the TO-1 and TO-2



Cargo handling and other related work (per ton)

— packaged goods (pallets)



— piece (bulk) cargo (without pallets)



— sorting of cargo (by name, completeness, etc.)



— weigh a ton



— Weigh t / s with load one weighing



— Weigh t / s without load one weighing



additional services

Examination of vehicles



Making photocopies, etc.



Fees on electronic declaration

Tariff Plan 1. "Month" 

The number of packets per 1 monthThe cost for 1 month

to 5

500 RUB

to 15

570 RUB

to 30

750 RUB

to 80

1600 RUB

to 150

2250 RUB

to 300

3750 RUB

to 600

5250 RUB

more than 600

6750 RUB

Transfer of information prior information (PI) is free of charge.

Tariff plan 2. "Quarter" **

The number of packets per quarterThe cost for the quarter

to 10

900 RUB

to 25

1125 RUB

to 50

1700 RUB

to 100

2250 RUB

to 250

4500 RUB

to 500

6750 RUB

to 1000

11250 RUB

to 2000

15750 RUB

No restrictions

20250 RUB

Transfer of information prior information (PI) is free of charge.

Tariff Plan 3. "Free"

The cost of 1 packet — 125 RUB

Transfer of information prior information (PI) is free of charge.

Price support EDS.
In a digital signature is used as a carrier of USB-dongle eToken PRO
72KB FSTEC certificate number 1883, the price of 950 rubles.
EDS is issued for 2 years.One carrier can be written only one signature!
Accordingly, for each recipient signature, you must purchase a separate drive.

Dates and prices of production
EDS.In normal mode, issue a digital signature is made within 30 days.
Issue is free, you pay only for the media.
Possible to provide additional services - accelerated release EDS (for 1 day).
Cost of services, excluding the cost of support is 2500 rubles. 
EDS release date begins with the fact of receipt of payment for the carrier
and providing a complete set of documents